Technical Composer | Sound Alchemist | Public Speaker

Hi. I’m Cloudjumper (Merlin B. Gyoery).BW--square

I am a sound alchemist. I am also a huge nerd and passionate gamer.

I create music and sound for video games and movies. I have been working in the industry as a full-time professional for the last five years

I believe every good story is unique and deserves to have a fitting voice, so that the audience will feel fully immersed in its world. Utilizing the connection of sound to our emotions, I create and stimulate feelings, letting the audio be the narrator of the action on the screen.

As passionate as we creators are about our projects, we all know it's not always easy and fun, making a game or film. The process can be damned stressful and hard. Because of that, I do everything in my power to make your experience working with me an outstanding one. I believe having a good team is absolutely essential for the success of a project, building trust and a pleasant relationship.  When we work together, I make a point of really understanding your vision and the ins-and-outs of your project. Professionalism is a must-- and it doesn't have to be cold.

Oh, and did I mention I'm a gamer?

I deeply care about "the feeling" when I play. Playing games and watching movies inspires me, helps me relax, makes me laugh and lets me dream or blow off steam after a long day. That's why I pour my heart into the projects I am part of: they mean more than just work to me, and I will go to great lengths to deliver the kind of quality that I myself would like to enjoy.

Growing up, my dad had a recording studio, and I was lucky to be allowed to tinker with anything and everything. It was THE best playground. I believe that not forgetting how "play" with music is the reason my soundtracks have so much character and add more value that standard themes from the asset store. I never do "factory work", I want to be proud of what I create.

Like most nerdy minds, I have broad spectrum of interests, and they are all valuable to me when writing music. Psycho-acoustics, skating, visual art, woodworking, urban culture, neuroscience, travelling, philosophy, all these and  more help me in writing better more original music.


Some of my personal favorites

Crash Bandicoot 1&2 | Metal Gear Solid  | Super Mario Brothers | Final Fantasy 7, 8 & 9 | Warcraft III | Starcraft 1&2 | FEZ | Secret of Mana | Age of Empires II | World of Warcraft | Shadow Hearts | Guild Wars 2 | Bastion | Castle Crashers | Grim Fandango | Monkey Island series | Machinarium | Rayman 1,2& Legends |Ori and the blind Forest | Thief | Borderlands 1&2 | Heroes of Might & Magic series | Assasin's Creed Brotherhood | Portal | Starbound | Hearthstone | Gun Game | Unreal Tournament | Street Fighter 2 | Super Mario Series | Tekken 3 | Zelda 1&2 | Tetris | Cool Boarders 3 | Battleborn | Aion | Devision | Wait-Extended | Diablo 2 | Dungeon Keeper 2 | Limbo | Silent Hill 2 | Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor |...