Scoring & Composition

Music is the soul of every media production. It’s the emotion in movies and games. Together with the sound effects, it’s what lets us immerse ourselves in the imagined worlds conveyed on the screen.

Every movie and game is a unique, vast world with its own moods and feelings.

And that is were I come in: you know what your project should “feel” like. I know how that “feeling” sounds. I will take the time to understand what is unique about the project you’re creating and put it into the music.

I only work on projects I care about. And here is why: I will give your project an audible soul. I couldn’t do that if I didn’t believe in it.

Watching movies and playing games are great passions of mine, and because of that I know what your viewer or player wants to feel. I know where to surprise with something unconventional and where I need to deliver what is expected.

You are in the process of making a movie or game. I know what it’s like! Yes, it’s exciting- and also, stressful and challenging, and a lot of work. My aim is to always be a valuable ally to you and your team in this process- by knowing what is needed in the moment, keeping my deadlines and staying aware of the big picture. It’s my job to communicate emotions with sound and similarly I communicate efficiently and politely with the teams I work with.

And next time you check, your project all of a sudden has a heartbeat, a soul, and you can hear it breathe. I believe the world you create deserves to be like that, and I would like to help you make that happen.

If you are looking for someone to create music for your film- or game-project I can tell you this: sound is my passion and makings things sound good is what I do. So how can I help you and your project have the sound you want?

Please contact me here to work with me.